3 Main Benefits of Narrow Aisle Forklifts


Most warehouses today start implementing different kinds of forklifts into their everyday use in order to simplify the working process. According to the latest investigations in the field of industrial machines, narrow aisle forklifts become more and more popular today. In this article we would like to name three main benefits of these lift trucks to explain you why they have become so popular.

1) Navigating Narrow Mezzanines and Tiers

Warehouses in general are spaces that are filled with various inventory; they are stacked compactly in several rows, mezzanines or tiers. But anyway, the moment when a warehouse become too small for the amounts of goods stored there comes to any industrial facility, and this is where you have two options: either get a new warehouse (which is usually too expensive to do) or narrow the aisles. And of course, for new working conditions you will need to get new equipment for operation, while if purchasing narrow aisle forklifts you from the very beginning stay on the safe side. Experts explain that if you check narrow aisle forklifts characteristics and compare them to any other truck type, you will see that these machines have the smallest parameters allowing them to work in the narrow spaces where no other type will be able to.

2) Increases Safety

As rows in warehouses are not so wide usually the risk of any trauma and injuries is pretty high among workers. With the narrow aisle forklifts your operators will have much more space for maneuvers and only this single improvement already significantly increases safety in the facility in general. Moreover, with this type of lift trucks you significantly decrease the possibility of products damage which is in fact a common thing for big warehouses. Narrow aisle forklifts are specially designed to work in narrow spaces and so can prevent or mitigate this risk.

3) Cost Effective

According to the price policy existing in the country, narrow aisle forklifts tend to cost much less if compared to any other forklift types. Experts explain that first of all It happens because the machine itself is much cheaper because its construction requires less parts and also much less time to produce. Then the issue is because narrow aisle forklifts in general require less maintenance and also less fuel to operate. And the last thing about their cost effectiveness is connected to the fact, that in the process of operation, narrow aisle forklifts are much more antiwear ad so serve for much longer time. And as already said above the number of accidents is diminished so the owner of the facility does not spend extra money for any losses due to damages to goods or products or workers injuries.

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