3 Benefits of Using Trailers for Vehicle Transportation

Transportation trailers

You have several options when transporting vehicles across long distances. The most simple is just to drive it where you need it to be, but this isn’t always the greatest idea when the car is too old or too valuable to risk damage. You might also find yourself needing to transport a non-functional antique car for the purpose of restoration, so what then?

Trailers are your best bet when transferring vehicles from point A to point B. In addition to being safe, affordable and less taxing on the car than other means of shipping, they’ll also add legitimacy to your business and prestige to your brand.

But you don’t have to believe on faith. Here are just three detailed benefits of using a trailer for vehicle transportation.

1. Security

Cars on the road tend to accumulate dirt and damage. Even when you’re careful, things like rocks, debris and winter road salt can really do a number on your vehicle, affecting not only its resell value but also its performance.

Transportation trailers take the uncertainty out of shipment. Your car will be safe within its walls, and nothing on the pavement can get to it. You’ll also be protecting it from the elements! You won’t have to worry about rain, snow, sleet or anything else that naturally wears a car down.

2. Authority

Pretend for a moment that you’re a first-time auctioneer at a popular car show. How do you want potential customers to view your goods? Do you want them to see you drive up in the cars like an amateur, or would you rather impress them by having your cars delivered in a fleet of professional trailers?

Trailer services are an excellent way to add power and prestige to your brand. They’ll make you seem like an authority in the eyes of consumers, something you definitely need if you’re new to the auction or restoration scene. They’ll send the message that you can be trusted. You won’t be another low-level grunt trying to make a buck; you’ll be a professional automobile connoisseur with the equipment to prove it.

3. Storage

Were you aware that direct sunlight can strip the color from your car faster than almost anything else in nature? UVA/UVB rays are very unforgiving when it comes to discoloration, so keeping your car outside or even in a sunny garage can be paramount to complete paint death.

You also have to worry about safety when your car is out in the open like that. By locking it inside a trailer instead, you’ll be putting another layer of protection around it. No one will be able to get to your 1969 Dodge Charger when only you have the key. It will be cool, safe and ready to shine when you bring it out for shows and expos.

These are just a few reasons to consider using a trailer for your car transportation needs. You can find further information, including prices, specs and availability, from groups like the Ritchie Bros (https://www.rbauction.com/trailers-for-sale). Good luck!

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