How to Build an Audience with a Unique Blog Identity All Your Own

Bloggers have sprung up everywhere since the early 2000s and there are hundreds of thousands of niches to cover. Ergo, there are hundreds of thousands of audience demographics, which gives a new blogger an edge to begin with. But how do you create a blog identity that captures the attentions of a prospective audience? Read on for how-to advice.

Network with Other Bloggers to Piggyback on Their Audience and Vice Versa

Blogs are often interconnected networks of topics that play off of each other. For instance, a blog about your hometown might link to a blog about citywide travels, which would flow into travel gear and supplies—and so on. One blog begets another in a cycle of helpful piggybacks that make it easier for bloggers to garner attention from several audiences at once. So, make friends in the blogging communities.

Tip: Become relevant with social media profiles that convey the best of your blogs. Backlink to different articles via status updates that entice new readers to come see what your blog is all about.

Research What an Intended Audience of Your Niche Would Want to Read, Hear, and Interact With

What’s your topic of choice? Stickers, business propositions, arts and crafts, Jeep accessories? What do YOU love about your niche? Now put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What do you think other people would want to know about the topic? Write from that perspective. Your audience wants to know things that will help them better understand and relate to whatever you’re talking about.

Tip: Engage your audience with pictures, preferably self-taken, of whatever your topic is. Sprinkle these photographs throughout your articles to keep audiences interested in reading to the end.

Avoid Controversial Subjects if Your Blog Isn’t Based in Those Topics to Begin With

There are times and places for controversial subjects—but unless your blog is based on things like politics and religion, steer clear. There are enough opinions in the world to rile anyone up. You can always find a blog that spews hate on a daily basis. Don’t be one of them. If you want to rant about controversial views, voice your opinions on a blog built for it. Don’t be an instigator of that kind of talk on yours.

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