6 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car

Everybody is living a fast paced life these days, but getting from point A to point B sometimes proved to be taking more time when you are commuting.

If you consider buying your very first car, but you do not have enough mucho dinero on your wallet, then I suggest you go for a segunda mano car. Usually, pre-owned cars are a lot cheaper than the new ones. But there is a catch: second hand cars frequently have pitfalls.

In order for you to avoid such hassles or ultimately regretting the choice you have made when you bought the car, consider these tips in mind.

  1. Do not rush into making a decision.

Before you head out and search mindlessly for a dealership, you must first have a list of prospect car models in mind. This way, you will not be tempted easily when a car salesman approaches you and offers you a minivan with his or her ever sweet words and pressure-selling strategy.

Know your car and know it well because you will be spending the rest of your days with that rolling box, whether you like it or not in the future.

Car-hunting is the easiest part since there are lots of car dealers, especially for used cars, these days in every corner of the city. You can even ask a random person on the street, and that person will most likely know where the nearest car dealer in your area is (that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point).

Map your destinations. Do not focus on a single dealership. Better yet, include in your list some private dealers too. Just make sure the owner has all the statutory documents.

Take your time in choosing the best model and offer for your budget. Keep in mind that this car will be your everyday companion wherever the road leads you.

2. Inspect the exterio

Go on and do not be shy. You are about to spend your money for this car, so quit being hesitant in doing a thorough checkup.

Look for some signs of dent or discoloration around the car. A discoloration on a certain part of the exterior might indicate that the vehicle had been involved in a recent collision. The same goes for evident car bruises.

Get up close and personal with the car’s build. Sit down and look closely at the alignment of the overall metal frame from front to the back. If you notice a curve or an irregularity on the adjoined area, it could mean that the car took a mild or serious beating.

Also, check the exterior equipment. See if the door handles and locks are working properly. Make sure to check all the doors before making a final decision. Even those side mirrors, wipers, front and rear lamps should be taken into account too.

3.Compare the tires.

The tires endure most of the beating on the road, so visually check it as well. Mismatched tires are signs that the previous owner may not be as generous as with the other parts of the automobile. If the owner cannot afford some of the basic parts of the car, then that should concern the other maintenance accessory with a more expensive approach.

4.Check under the hood.

Another important thing (well, actually everything is just as important) is to check the car’s Holy Grail—the engine.

Start inspecting with the oil. Then check for molds around the area of the engine. If you find any, then that indicates that the car had been flooded so you might want to start backing off a little bit. Otherwise, you are good to go.

Another is try to check for oil leaks or damaged tube as that could also mean that the car is not in a very good shape anymore.

5. Explore the interior and let it sink in.

Now, as you start to think of how much you want this car, do not give in yet. Get in and breathe the inside of your new girlfriend-to-be (cars=female).

Check the seats for cushion. See if the recliner is still working. Inspect the locks if they still do what they’re supposed to do. Evaluate the walls and the ceiling’s appearance. See if you love her inside as much as you have with her outside look.

While inside, check for mileage. The odometer will tell you how much distance it had gone to and you can calculate how much wear and tear it had endured.

6. Test-drive the car.

Expect your dealer to let you get a feel of your chosen car. Drive-testing your way around the neighborhood gives you some idea of the vehicle’s current status. But do not just drive; also test the steering wheel to a full lock to its left and right. Listen for some clunking or thumping as it will indicate some clues if there is something wrong with the steering or the engine.

Ramp the engine to its full glory and feel the suspension, along with all the metal grinding on the background. Of course, you would not want a car that disappoints you when you need her the most. So test that engine and smoke everything that’s standing in your way.

Do a sudden stop to check the breaks and feel the engine’s grumbling as you do a rough shifting of speed. Test the highs and lows if you could push it even more.

If you feel indifferent about your instincts, bring a mechanic along with you. An expert will always tell you what you need to know regarding your prospect car.

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