2015 BMW M235i xDrive – The BMW Greensboro That Will Warm Your Heart

Owning an Audi is great. Owning a BMW can be greater especially if you are planning to buy the all new BMW M235i xDrive. This is the new launch by the marque and though it does not have wow features, it still claims to be a winner it its own right. If you are not sure, then you can ask anyone who have taken this BMW model out for a spin. Even the technicians at a reputed independent BMW service center in Greensboro, NC will be updated with all the tech features of this marque but when it comes to a BMW, you need to test it yourself to feel the car.


Yes, it is all about feeling the 2015 BMW M235i xDrive. To start, this BMW model has a turbocharged engine and an automatic gearbox. It does not need to be mentioned differently, but still if it pleases the would be buyer, yes, it comes with an all-wheel drive.

What Is The High Point of This BMW Greensboro

Why would you a buy a BMW in the first place? Obviously for the looks. It is a classy marque, nothing to deny about that and the all new BMW M235i xDrive keeps the trend alive. The color combination might at first take you for surprise but do not let that dampen your spirits. Give it some time and you will surely start appreciating the combination which looks good on the BMW’s 18 inch double spoke wheels. This new BMW in the words of many car experts at BMW service in Greensboro, NC centers is one of the best looking ones in the family of BMWs.

In Comes The Interiors

The beautiful, classic coupe body gives way to lovely interiors. To say that the seats were comfortable, is just an understatement. They are plush, comfortable with adjustable side bolsters and proper thigh support for that comfort driving. Ergonomics are as usual, simple. Finding everything around the car is easy and fast. One can complain about the rear seats which are a bit tight, but if you are inviting two average sized adults, then no one would complain for sure. The surprise element is the trunk which has enough luggage space.

How Does It Drive?

After looks, if anything that stands for the BMW M235i xDrive is the way it takes you on a spin. It is a surprise package, no denials about that. With that killing look, comes a 3.0 TwinPower I6 engine which promises nothing short of 320 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque mated perfectly with the ZF eight-speed automatic which gets the BMW from 0-60mph in just a whooping 4.4 seconds. Do you need any other proof especially when all this happens on a limited 155mph top speed?

And there is more. The N55 3.0 liter is smooth no matter what the rpm. Once the car is on a full rave, you just need to keep yourself glued to the seat and enjoy the power punch. Speed performance is not disappointing but be careful, it can totally cast a spell on you.

What Is the Best Part?

Any BMW model in Greensboro and one thing that makes one fall for it is the ZF eight-speed. And with the new BMW, things just got better. This BMW does not allow you to complain. There is this perfect automatic gearbox with all the crisp, smooth up-shifts and right-now downshifts via paddles. Irrespective of which mode you are in, the car will keep you in the correct gear.

How Is The Steer?

It is good. As simple as that. The old BMW models might have given you the feel of the steering which the modern ones lack, but trust it on the word, this BMW Greensboro model will not make you miss it at all. The steering is great, accurate and direct to be more precise. One might feel the steering to be heavy when the car is in the Sport mode but in the Comfort Mode, the steering will feel nice against the hands.

Overall, things look bright for the 2015 BMW M235i xDrive. It is a good car, a worthy investment and if properly catered to, might not give too much of a trouble. But, not all cars come maintenance proof. So, do not fret after it shows some signs of trouble after a satisfactory number of miles. Always taking it to an authorized dealer might not be pocket friendly, so consider one of the independent BMW repair Greensboro NC centers.

Author Bio: Anthony Wessal is a car enthusiast and he has previous experience of working with some of the good names in the world of BMW service centers in Greensboro, NC. His recent article is all praises about the new BMW in the block, the very classy BMW M235i xDrive.

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