11 Driving Tips to Cut Down Your Fuel Cost

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Fuel prices have finally dropped across the U.S., but that isn’t to say that we’re enjoying the same great prices of yesteryear. The national average for one gallon of gas is $2.32. Would you like to reduce the amount of money being spent on fuel? If so, these 11 tips are made just for you.

  1. Slow Down

The average highway speed is 55 mph, but many drivers accelerate this speed in a rush to get where they are headed. But this extra speed also increases the amount of fuel that you’ll use. Lay off of the gas pedal and enjoy a tremendous gas savings.

  1. Stop Excessive Trips

Can you walk instead of drive? If so, go ahead and do it, weather permitting, of course. Those short trips are costly to the gas tank and will drain the fuel quicker than all of those long trips.

  1. Change your Oil

Experts doing oil change in Tucson suggest to change oil every 3,000 miles that you drive your car. Oil changes reduce wear and tear on the vehicle engine, keep it running smoothly, and ensure that you are as fuel-efficient as possible.

  1. Let it Go… Let it Go

All that junk in your trunk could cause more fuel to be spent with every trip that you make. Lighten the load and let it go to reduce fuel spending.

  1. Smooth Acceleration

Smooth acceleration is important to maintain efficient fuel levels. On average it should take about 15 seconds for you to accelerate to a speed of 50 mph.

  1. Idle Time

Idling is not good for your car or for the fuel tank. If you’ll be idling 30 second or more, it is probably best to turn the car off.

  1. Stay out of Traffic

That stop and start action can be detrimental to your vehicle and the gas tank, so be sure that you avoid traffic congestion as much as you possibly can.

  1. Inflate the Tires

It seems that it is the small things that matter. When your tires are properly inflated, less fuel will be burnt. Make sure that you check your tire pressure on a regular basis and keep your tires properly inflated.

  1. Shop Cars Wisely

When you are in the market to purchase a vehicle, make sure that fuel economy is one of the factors that goes into your purchase decision. Some cars are more efficient than others, and there isn’t an easier way to reduce the costs of your fuel than with a fuel-efficient car.

  1. Premium Gasoline

Premium gasoline is a few cents more than regular, but it provides an unlimited number of benefits to your vehicle as well as your fuel consumption. Shuck over those few extra cents per gallon and get the best.

  1. Lay off the Brake

Yes, there is such thing as being too heavy on the brake. Of course you want to stop when needed, but don’t be so quick to lay your foot on the brake.

Put these 11 tips to work for you and save more money when it is time to get the fuel full-up.

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