10 Steps To Building Your Own Off-Road Ride

drivingTearing around the outback in a customised off-road vehicle is one of the biggest adrenaline rushes that anyone can have. Whilst most people will buy an off-road vehicle because it is convenient, some people will build their own four-wheel drive from scratch.

Building from scratch may turn out to be more expensive than buying a ready-made car, but there are several advantages. Firstly, the car will be exactly to the driver’s specifications. Secondly, the driver will be able to customise their car in a way which could prove difficult if they just bought a car off the lot. Thirdly, building from scratch allows the driver to learn more about the inner workings of a car. This could prove to be very handy indeed if the vehicle starts to have problems in the future. West Coast Suspensions can advise people about building their own cars.

Read this guide in order to find out ten essential steps for building an off-roader from scratch.

Test Out Several Types Of Car

Before anyone can start thinking about building an off-road car of their own, they need to experience driving through rugged terrain in several different vehicles. Keep a checklist of what is favourable about the cars, and what the main drawbacks are. For example, the suspension in a small jeep may be preferable to the suspension in a large off-road hummer.

Buy Quality Suspension

Driving off-road requires the suspension to be working at maximum capacity all the time. Choose a suspension system which will make the ride as comfortable as possible whilst absorbing all the shocks of the rugged terrain. Visit http://www.westcoastsuspension.com.au/ for a range of different suspension options.

Don’t Waste Money On Superfluous Items

The primary job of an off-road car is to tackle rugged terrain as effectively as possible. Don’t waste money on superfluous items such as heated seats unless the budget is unlimited.

Check Out Different Tires

Some tires offer more grip than others, whilst certain tire treads will be better at dealing with swampy conditions than others.

Don’t Compromise On Brakes

Some people may be tempted to cut corners when they are building their car. One aspect of the car that shouldn’t be compromised on is the brakes. Choosing low-quality brakes in order to save money could ultimately cause serious accidents and may lead to people getting injured.

Use Comfortable Seats

Seats need to be as comfortable as possible in order to make sure that the driver and any passengers don’t get sore whilst they are cruising around.

Fit A Robust Windshield

Rocks and branches can cause cars to break their windshield, so make sure to have a robust one fitted.

Fit Comfortable Headrests

Comfortable headrests will stop people from injuring themselves if they happen to hit their heads when going over rough terrain.

Buy Powerful Lights

Powerful lights will prevent the driver from crashing into rocks and ditches whilst the car is being driven at night.

Test Out Different Safety Belts

Safety belts will prevent people from being injured in a crash. Quadruple harnesses which strap firmly across the chest are more secure than those that fit over the shoulder.

Use this guide to build a perfect off-road car.

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